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Dr. Claire Dufour
Lecturer and Researcher
Biogeosciences lab
Office 317N
University of Burgundy


11- Ganem G., Dufour C MS., Avenant N., Caminade P., Eiseb S., Tougard C., Pillay N.  2021. An update on the distribution and diversification of Rhabdomys sp (Muridae, Rodentia). Journal of Vertebrate Biology 69(2) 20013-1. pdf

10- Dufour C MS, Clark D., Herrel A., Losos J B. 2020. Recent biological invasion shapes species recognition and aggressive behavior in a native species: a behavioral experiment using robots in the field. Published online in Journal of Animal Ecology, doi: 10.1111/1365-2656.13223. pdf

9- Dufour C MS, Donihue C., Losos J B., Herrel A. 2019. Parallel increases in grip strength after

a major hurricane in two species of Anolis lizards on Dominica.

Journal of Zoology 309(2): 77-83, doi:10.1111/jzo.12685. pdf

8- Dufour C MS, Pillay N., Avenant N., Watson J., Loire E., Ganem G. Habitat characteristics and species interference influence space use ad nest-site occupancy: implications for social variation in two sister species. OIKOS 1:14, doi: 10.1111/oik.05357. pdf


7- Dufour C MS, Losos JB., Herrel A. 2018. Do differences in bite force and head morphology between a native and an introduced species of anole influence the outcome of species interactions ? Biological Journal of the Linnean Society 125:576–585. pdf

6- Dufour C MS, Herrel A, Losos J. 2018. The effect of recent competition between the native Anolis oculatus and the invasive A. cristatellus on display behavior. PeerJ, 6:e4888, doi:10.77171:peerj.4888 pdf


5- Dufour C MS, Herrel A, Losos J. 2017. Ecological character displacement between a native and an introduced species: the invasion of Anolis cristatellus in Dominica. Biological Journal of the Linnean Society, 123(1), pp43-54, doi: 10.1093/biolinnean/blx116. pdf

4- van Baaren J, Dufour C MS, Pierre JS, Martel V, Louâpre P, 2016. Evolution of life-history traits and mating strategy under competition following climate change: a case study on males from two populations of a Drosophila parasitoid. Biological Journal of the Linnean Society, 117(2) doi: 10.1111/bij.12644 pdf

3- Dufour C MS, Meynard C, Watson J, Rioux C, Benhamou S, Perez J, du Plessis Jurie, Avenant N, Pillay N, Ganem G, 2015. Space use variation in co-occurring sister species: response to environmental variation or competition? PLoS  ONE 10(2) doi: 10: e0117750 pdf

2- Dufour C MS, Pillay N, Ganem G. 2015. Ventro-ventral copulation in a rodent: a female initiative? Journal of Mammalogy, 96(5) doi: 10.1093/jmammal/gyv106 pdf


1- Dufour C MS, Louâpre P, van Baaren J, Martel V, 2012. When Parasitoid Males Make Decisions: Information Used when Foraging for Females. 7(10) PLoS ONE 7:e46706. pdf


Since 2020: Lecturer and Researcher

University of Burgundy, Biogeosciences lab (Dijon, France)


2018-2019: ATER (Post doctoral fellow and teacher)

University of Montpellier, Center of Functional and Evolutionary Ecology (France)

2016-2018: Post doctoral fellow

​Harvard University, Museum of Comparative Zoology (USA)

“Ecological, Agonistic and Reproductive Character Displacement in Anolis lizard: new avenues in interspecific competition research“

Department of Organismic and Evolutionary Biology

PI: Jonathan Losos


2011-2014: PhD thesis

University of Montpellier (ISEM, France)

 “The ecology of divergence and coexistence: empirical study on two species of the genus Rhabdomys”.  

Supervisors: Guila Ganem (University of Montpellier, ISEM) and Neville Pillay (School of Animal, Plant and Environmental Science, University of the Witwatersrand, South Africa)


2011: Master’s 2 Degree

University of Rennes (Ecology and Biology of Organisms lab, ECOBIO, France)

“Decisional mechanisms during reproduction in males of Asobara tabida (Hymenoptera, Braconidae)”

Supervisors: Joan van Baaren, Véronique Martel, Philippe Louâpre, Jean Sébastien Pierre


2010: Master’s 1 Degree

University of Rennes (Biological research station of Paimpont, France)

“Influence of the rider position on horse behavior”

Supervisor: Martine Hausberger

Teaching and mentoring



Since 2020: Lecturer at the Univeristy of Burgundy. Biostatistic, Behavioral Ecology, Conservation Biology, Ecology

Level: Graduate-Master


2018-2019: ATER, Teacher at the University of Montpellier (200 hours). Ecology, Integrative Biology, Genetics and Development. Level: Graduate-Master

2018: Assistant professor at Harvard University. Field work course in Costa Rica (60 hours). Level: Graduate.

2015: Assistant professor volunteer at the University of Montpellier in Genetics and Development (GLBE203). Level: Graduate. (50 hours) 

2011-2014: Graduate teaching assistant at the University of Montpellier in Genetics and Development: practical work and lectures (GLBE 201). Level: Gaduate. (200 hours)



2021-2022: Master 2 student Norma Anthony (Behavioral Ecology and Wildlife Management, University of Burgundy)

Impact of the habitat fragmentation on escape and habitat use behaviors in Anolis cristatellus and Anolis oculatus.

2021-2022: Master 2 student Mathieu Tocaben (Ecology Evolution Genomic, University of Lyon)

Does urbanization increase interspecific competition for the acoustic space? A case study in blue tit and great tit songs.

2020-2021: Master 1 student Elwenn Le-Magoarou (Biodiversity Dynamic and Conservation, University of Burgundy)

Do city nest boxes create ecological traps for blue tits and great tits? 


2013: Co-supervisor of a Master 2 student Léa Fontaine (Biology Evolution Ecology, Montpellier)

Coexistence mechanisms between two sister species of Rhabdomys.

2011: Co-supervisor of a Master 1 student Barbara Martineau (Behavioral, Functional and Evolutionary Ecology, Rennes): Divergence in life History traits between two populations of Asobara tabida under different competition pressures.  

Conference presentations (* invited)

November 2021: University of Burgundy (France). Talk*

October 2019: Oxford University (UK). Talk*

November 2018: MNHN Seminar, Paris (France). Talk*

October 2018: EcoBio Seminar, Rennes (France). Talk*

October 2018: SFE2, Rennes (France). Talk

October 2018: CEFE seminar, Montpellier (France). Talk*

August 2018: Evolution2018, Montpellier (France). Poster

June 2017: Evolution2017, Portland (OR, USA). Talk

March 2017: seminar open to the public, Alma College (Michigan, USA). Talk*

May 2015: 11th Ecology and Behaviour, Toulouse (France). Talk

August 2014: 15th International Society of Behavioral Ecology conference, New York. Poster

May 2014: 10th Ecology and Behaviour, Montpellier (France). Poster*

May 2014: 1st Space and Movement, Center of Functional and Evolutionary Ecology, Montpellier (France). Talk *

September 2013: 4th GDRI, Montpellier (France). Talk*

August 2013: Behaviour2013, 33rd IEC and ASAB conference, Newcastle meeting (UK). Poster

May 2013: Speciation2013, Second European Conference on Speciation Research conference, Montpellier (France). Poster

September 2012: 34th PPD, Avignon (France). Talk

May 2011: 7th Ecology and Behavior, Rennes (France). Poster

2014: 10th Ecology and Behaviour meeting in Montpellier (France): vice-treasurer, organization and scientific organizer of the “Interspecific interactions” session.

Organization of international conferences

Prizes and Awards

2011: Best poster: 7th « Ecology and Behaviour » meeting

2011-2014: PhD fellowship: French Ministry of Research (salary)


2018-2019: National Geographic Society, early explorer grant; $9.800

2016-2017: Putnam expedition grants: Harvard University; $9.000 & 4.700$

2016-2018: Postdoctoral fellowship: FYSSEN foundation; €49.920

2014: Travel Grant: ISBE 2014 conference (New York); $ 1.500

2011-2014: PhD fellowship: French Ministry of Research (salary)

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